Guarding Services

Integrated Guarding Services


FBI security has specialized in providing highly qualified and courteous security professionals to residential environments for over many years.
Our experience has shown that each residential environment has unique security requirements, culture and life style. FBI has the capability to provide a turnkey security service, tailored to blend seamlessly into any residential environment and to adapt its security strategy to suit the environment. We offer free site evaluation, and develop protocols together with our client for maximum effectiveness.
We can also supplement our human presence with technology solutions, such as electronic surveillance, biometric readers, and card access.

Community Security Schemes

Community security schemes are innovative neighborhood security solutions pioneered by FBI security. A community security scheme provides a proactive, highly visible security service geared to meet the unique safety requirements of individual communities. By working in partnership with area committees FBI security is able to design and implement a security service which effectively reduces the presence of criminals and potential crime in any community.
FBI security community security schemes are varied and tailored to suit the needs of a specific neighborhood or community. These have proven to be an extremely effective deterrent against would be perpetrators and have had a significant success rate in reducing crime wherever implemented.


FBI security provides protection for a wide variety of industrial environments - including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, intermodal transport and construction sites. We also excel at providing armed escort for the transportation of goods and personnel. In all cases, we partner with our clients to set realistic goals and develop a security-driven culture that ensures our client's interests are always protected.

Industrial sites pose significant challenges due to the great quantities of exposed goods and the vast amounts of space that must be secured. For this reason, FBI security works with our clients to create a highly visible and multi-layered security presence at every site. We not only supply a live security force to monitor the grounds, but also counsel clients on how best to deploy common-sense deterrents like perimeter fencing, facility lighting, and secure storage practices. FBI security officers also control entry and exit points by checking visitor credentials and matching the flow of goods in and out with the facilities corresponding paperwork.


Serving a number of national retail chains, FBI security provides security for each aspect of the retail business from focusing on loss prevention at store locations and
distribution centers to courteous but vigilant attention at corporate offices. Our retail officers are trained to help reduce inventory loss and to give your customer additional confidence and assistance. Each environment requires a different strategy and a tailored solution, from uniformed officers and electronic surveillance cameras to business-attired investigators and undercover agents. We are especially adept at handling grand openings, store closings, and protection.


Drawing on many years of experience, FBI security provides professional security personnel, consultation, and VIP protection for large-scale events such as trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals, and sporting events; and for smaller-scale gatherings such as shareholder meetings and conferences. Focusing on controlled entry, security searches, crowd management, ushers and theft prevention, FBI security analyzes each engagement and provides specialized service ensuring your event remains orderly, safe, and free of crime.
Events present distinct security challenges based on the unique requirements of each event’s program and location. FBI Security begins each commitment with client meetings to carefully review the security needs at each stage of the event–set up, peak attendance, and break down. Based on our findings, we develop a meticulous security plan and select a security team with the right experience and training for each task and post.

Events Include:

  • Sporting
  • Red Carpet
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Parades
  • Share Holders' Meeting
  • Conferences
  • Papal Visits